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2010 December 19

Heraldry server

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My son found a cool web site that converts blazons into emblazons.  For those unfamiliar with heraldry terms, a “blazon” is a textual description of a coat of arms in a formal language, and an “emblazon” is a pictorial representation.  The language of heraldry can be thought of as the first markup language (predating HTML by hundreds of years).

The server runs a python program (pyBlazon) that parses the blazon and constructs an SVG image of the emblazon.  Since most browsers do a terrible job with svg (even Firefox), the server uses another tool to covert the svg to png for rendering.

One can construct rather non-medieval heraldry with this server.  Here is a particularly sick example (that follows the rule of tincture, though only barely, as fimbriation is considered cheating by many):


Argent, on a chief argent fimbriated sable a triangle inverted sable, and a pile inverted sable semy of lozenges or

The Society for Creative Anachronism has some useful articles on heraldry for beginners.

My old SCA arms (Sable, three annulets interlaced purpure, vert and gules, fimbriated or) are not doable by this program, as it does not know how to interlace annulets nor does it like having a multiple charge with multiple colors.  (It can do three separate annulets, each with its own color.)


WordPress’s proofreader suggests “fimbriated ore” to replace “fimbriated or”.  I’m imagining rocks with little bits of gold leaf on the edges.

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