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2011 June 11

The National Academies Press

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The National Academies Press announced last week:

Effective June 2nd, PDFs of reports that are currently for sale on the National Academies Press (NAP) Website and PDFs associated with future reports will be offered free of charge to all Web visitors.

They have about 2000 books now available for free download, with such gripping titles as
Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals: Eighth Edition and
Promoting Chemical Laboratory Safety and Security in Developing Countries . Useful stuff, but not bedtime reading. The do have a rough classification by subject (with some books appearing in multiple categories), so finding what they have in fields you are interested in is not too onerous.

Learning Science Through Computer Games and Simulations,
Promising Practices in Undergraduate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education:Summary of Two Workshops,
Standards for K-12 Engineering Education?, and
In the Light of Evolution IV:The Human Condition look a little more promising.

If you have any interest in science, math, or engineering education or policy, you are likely to find one or more titles from National Academies Press worth downloading, even if you don’t have time to wade through the full document.

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  1. Thanks for posting this!

    Comment by Tamara — 2011 July 5 @ 15:47 | Reply

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