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2011 July 31

Bike accident on campus today

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I was biking up to campus today in order to buy season tickets for Shakespeare Santa Cruz (I meant to do it months ago, but I could never figure out exactly what our summer schedule was).

On the way up the bike path I noticed a fire truck and police car on Hagar, on the other side of the Lower Quarry.  I stopped on the quarry overlook to chat with another bicyclist who was there.  She reported that the accident involved a bicyclist, but that she had not seen it and did not know whether a car was involved or not.

The "x" marks the approximate spot on Hagar that the bicyclist was transported from, and the ">" marks the overlook on the opposite side of the quarry, about 200 m away.

It is somewhat unusual to have bike accidents on Hagar, as it has a pretty good wide bike lane (much safer than the bike path downhill).  Indeed, the first responders had shown up first on the bike path, since that is by far the more common spot when they get a 911 call for a bicyclist injured on the Great Meadow.

While we were there, and ambulance arrived and transported the bicyclist to the hospital.  I hope that whoever it is turns out to be ok.   The other bicyclist thought it was a good sign that they were using an ambulance rather than a helicopter—if the paramedics had thought the injuries were severe, they were more likely to call for a helicopter to get the injured person to a trauma center over the hill.


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  1. I know of 2 other accidents that have occurred at that spot. And I have felt some close calls. In both cases and my case, I think the issue was relatively high speed and wind. It might be less of an issue for you on a recumbent…

    Comment by Ron G. — 2011 July 31 @ 16:44 | Reply

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