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2011 September 27

Free Breakfast for Bike-To-Work/School

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Twice a year, free breakfasts are provided to bicycle commuters in Santa Cruz County at Bike-to-Work/School events.  The fall event is coming up soon: Thursday 6 October 2011.  There are 16 public sites (3 on the UCSC campus, 4 if you count Long Marine Lab as well) and 41 school sites listed on Bike to Work – Santa Cruz Free Breakfast Sites.  Breakfast will be served to bicycle commuters 6:30 a.m.–9:30 a.m. at the public sites (the school sites are usually shorter hours, most often the half hour or hour immediately before classes start).

Some of the site have extra features (like free bicycle maintenance, free massages, free acupuncture, …)—see the list and map.

For those who want to get started a day earlier, October 5 is “International Walk to School in the USA” day: So far as I know, nothing special is being done on Oct. 5 in Santa Cruz County, but I think that several of the Bike-to-School sites will give breakfast on Oct. 6 to students who walk to school as well as those who bike—check with your school.

Incidentally, I have no idea why “International Walk to School in the USA” is not “International Walk to School” or “Walk to School in the USA”. Perhaps they are promoting crossing the border on foot? Or they think that only international students will walk?

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