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2011 November 25

Google Scholar Citations

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I’ve blogged before about Google Scholar as a citation source (Google vs. Scopus and SciFinder, Google Scholar vs. Web of Science).  One of my complaints was about some of the sloppy citation records that got mixed in to the Google Scholar results, and the lack of any way to clean up the trash.

Now Google has announced a way for researchers to collect and clean up their citation lists.

I tried their new interface and found it fairly easy to use.  I was able to correct some citations which their parser had extracted incorrectly and merge citations that Google Scholar had though were to different articles (partly because of sloppy parsing, partly because of sloppy citation practices by authors).  The results are fairly nicely displayed on my citation profile page: Google Scholar Citations, which currently shows an H-index of 32 (which now seems to be a genuine value, not bloated as Google Scholar has sometimes been in the past by sloppy counting of duplications).

Overall, I think that Google Scholar has been getting better and is likely to overtake Scopus, Web of Science, and other expensive subscription data bases as the main source for citation information, if it hasn’t already.



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