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2011 December 2

Physics homework (Chapter 4)

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Physics homework for

  • (re)read Chapter 4.
  • Work problems
    • 4.P.44 Also, look up copper’s density, atomic weight, and Young’s modulus on the web and add copper to the list. This should repeat the computations on p. 163.
    • 4.P.46
    • 4.P.47 We’ll do this measurement of Young’s modulus as a lab together.
    • 4.p.51 (Compare to the computation in 4.P.44)
    • 4.P.55
    • 4.P.78
    • 4.P.81
    • 4.P.82
    • 4.P.85
    • 4.P.88 (See 4.P.86 for needed numbers)
  • Do computational problems:
    • 4.P.89
    • 4.P.90, but instead of interatomic springs, let’s use the mass and stiffness of turns of a slinky (which we will have to measure).

I have several labs I want to do with Chapter 4, now that we are finally into the meaty material:

  • Measurement of Young’s modulus using a wire.
  • Compression waves in a slinky.  We want to measure stiffness and mass as well as the speed of compression waves.  That way we can compare our simulation to real measurements.
  • Speed of sound in a metal rod (using an Arduino to do the timing).

Since this looks like three or four weeks worth of labs, the homework assignment should be spread out over a similar time period.  Do 4 problems a week, starting with ones that don’t depend on lab measurements.


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