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2011 December 28

Strawberries for the new year

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I biked down to the Farmers’ Market this afternoon (something I’ve not done in a while, as my wife usually gets the groceries from the Farmers’ Market). Because it was the week between Xmas and the new year, many of the usual vendors were missing. There were still quite a few around, though. For the most part, what was being sold were winter crops: citrus, kiwi, potatoes, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower. There were still some peppers and celery. What amazed me, though was that Swanton Berry Farm was still harvesting organic strawberries. I can’t remember a previous year in which good local strawberries were available into December, much less in the last week of the year. I think that we can thank a warm, dry December for the continued strawberries—usually the berries start rotting after a couple of heavy rains. I bought kiwi, oranges, and strawberries for fruit salad, potatoes for roasting (Pinnacle had some lovely little red potatoes), red peppers to put in scrambled eggs, and orange and purple heads of cauliflower, just because they were so pretty.  I also bought some Satsuma tangerines, because I love Satsumas and the season will probably be over soon.

The bakers who are normally at the Farmers’ Market were not there this week, so I had to go to a grocery store for bread from a different local bakery.  Had I known that they would not be there, I would have gone to a bakery in the morning, and gotten fresher unsliced bread (the grocery store has yesterday’s bread, sliced and in plastic bags).

On my way to the Farmers’ Market I broke my shifter cable for my rear derailleur, leaving me stuck in a high gear.  That caused no problem getting to the market or riding around downtown, but hauling the groceries up the hill to get home did require me to dismount and walk my bike for a block.  I took the bike into Sprockets, the neighborhood bike shop where I do most of my bike shopping, and left it for cable replacement and a general tune-up.  I could replace the cable myself, as I usually do, but I’ve been planning to have a full tune-up done since last summer, and I’ll never get around to it if I try to do it myself. Breaking the cable gave me the excuse I needed to have a professional tune up the bike.

Dropping of the bike means that I’ll be without my recumbent for a week, and will have to dust off a 25-year-old upright from my garage and see if the tires can hold air any more.  I’ll also have to see if I can still ride an upright—the last time I had to do that was a couple of years ago, and it felt really weird.


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