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2012 February 23

Physics homework for chapter 7

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We’re falling a bit behind if we are to finish through Chapter 11 before the AP exam on Monday May 14 (I’m assuming that Chapters 12 and 13, on entropy and thermodynamics, can wait until after the exam).  Registration for the exam has to be done by March 15 (according to the College Board Calendar for AP).

For Chapter 7 of Matter and Interactions, “Internal Energy”, we should do the following problems:

7.P.29, 7.P.31, 7.P.33, 7.P.45, 7.P.50, 7.P.51

Lab (for 2012 March 2): 7.P.60, or 7.P.63, or 7.P.64.  We’ll decide on Feb 24 which of these looks most rewarding.

Computational problems: 7.P.68 and 7.P.71. (We may add 7.P.70 if we do 7.P.60.)

I’d like to discuss at least half the problems on March 2, and finish Chapter 7 by March 9.

Here is a tentative calendar for the rest of the semester:

Chapter start finish
7 Feb 24 Mar 9
8 Mar 9 Mar 23
9 Mar 23 Apr 6
10 Apr 6 Apr 20
11 Apr 20 May 11
12 May 18 May 25
13 May 25 June 8

We won’t meet on May 4, because of the trip to the Ashland Shakespeare Festival.

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