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2012 March 15

Physics homework chapter 8

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Chapter 8 of Matter and Interactions is a fairly lightweight introduction to quantized energy, so there is not much that we can do in the way of experiments or computation.  About the only “experiment” I can think of is to look at emission spectra of a neon bulb or LED, which might be difficult in an undarkenable room in the middle of the day.  Even then, we’d only be able to observe lines, not do any modeling of them.

So I think that we’ll go quickly over Chapter 8, just reading it and doing a few problems to cement the ideas.  I’d like to have both finished by Friday 23 March 2012.

Problems: 8p20, 8p23, 8p25, 8p35 (note: use periodic table inside front cover to get masses), 8.P.36

I think that the first three problems are straightforward, but the last two require making some further assumptions.

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