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2012 April 19

Modeling workshops 2012

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There are 50 modeling workshops happening this summer for teachers in high school physics, high school chemistry, or middle school physical science.

Most are three-week summer workshops that thoroughly treat the pedagogy and content for the mechanics portion of a physics course or first semester chemistry content. Content is reorganized around basic models to increase its structural coherence. Participants are supplied with a complete set of course materials and work through activities alternately in the roles of student or teacher, as they practice techniques of guided inquiry and cooperative learning. Teachers receive stipends and/or tuition waivers, instructional materials, sometimes free housing, etc., at most workshops. (State funded workshops provide these only for in-state teachers.) Generally, workshops use whatever probes and interfaces are available at the site.

There is a map showing the locations of workshops (with links to instructor-maintained descriptions) to make it easier to find a suitable workshop.

I have read about modeling instruction, but not had one of the workshops (as I don’t teach one of the target classes, except for home schooling, it would be a waste of a slot for me to do so).  The approach looks interesting, and it certainly seems that one would need to be immersed in the method for three weeks before attempting the teaching approach, as it would not come naturally to many teachers. The publications about modeling instruction show pretty good results though, so it may be worthwhile for physics and chemistry instructors to take the workshops.

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