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2012 April 27

Physics homework chapter 11

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Chapter 11 of Matter and Interactions is angular momentum, finishing up the triumvirate of conservation laws (momentum, energy, and angular momentum).

I’ve not come up with any labs to do, and with class cancelled next week I’m not sure when we’ll get to do an angular momentum lab.  Class is cancelled because my son and I will be on the bus back from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival with the rest of his dramatic literature class. We aren’t taking the bus up with the class, since it conflicts with the California State Science Fair, where he is entering in one category and I’m judging in another—we’ll take a red-eye flight from LAX to MFR and a taxi or shuttle to Ashland to catch up with the class. As if he weren’t busy enough, he has three performances of the On the Fringe teen show at Broadway Playhouse this weekend and AP tests when he gets back from Ashland.

Anyway, Chapter 11 homework, which we’ll try to have at least half done by Fri May 11, our next meeting: 11.P.40, 11.P.49, 11.P.50, 11.P.55, 11.P.57, 11.P.63, 11.P.66, 11.P.67, 11.P.75, 11.P.76, 11.P.94.

(Note: typo in 11.P.75: the first ω should be ω0, the initial angular velocity.)

There are some gyroscope labs suggested in 11.P.90 and 11.P.91, so maybe we can try them—read them before class anyway.

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