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2012 May 12

No coordination in our school district

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Three high schools in the same school district have all scheduled their Spring musicals at the same time: Big weekend for theatrical productions.  We managed to get to none of them, as we had the MATE underwater ROV contest today, and so were too busy packing up stuff last night and too fried this evening.  Had they been spread out over three weekends, we probably could have made at least one of them.

You’d think that the three theater teachers in a small school district would get together to coordinate the scheduling of their shows, so that they would not steal audience from each other, and so that their students could see the shows that their friends are putting on at other schools.  Many of the theater kids at each school know one another from theater camps and evening theater classes and have been socialized that it is polite to see each other’s shows.

One of the three shows continues next weekend, and we may get to see it, though we already have tickets for a Pinocchio performance Friday night, Saturday afternoon is a teen improv show (not my son’s troupe), Saturday night is one of the Improv Festival shows, and Sunday we’ll be at Maker Faire.

My son’s improv troupe (Dinosaur Prom) will be giving a short performance at the Museum of Art and History’s third Friday event on Friday 18 May 2012.  I just hope that they schedule the improv show at a time before we have to go to the Pinocchio performance!  The Pinocchio show is being put on by the same organization as the improv troupe (WEST performing arts), so I hope that they can avoid conflicts. Unfortunately, MAH has not been very good about releasing detailed schedules for their events, so we won’t know until the staff at WEST pass on the information.

My son is planning to create a web site for the improv troupe he is in when he gets some time (probably after his presentation in Spanish class on Wednesday).  I’ll announce the site here when it goes live.

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