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2012 May 24

Sabieng and Sprockets are back!

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Two of my favorite local businesses on the Westside are back after being closed.

Sabieng Thai Restaurant just reopened today after being closed since  fire on 1 September 2011 closed them down.  We were not able to get reservations for dinner, but by showing up right when they opened for dinner at 5p.m. we managed to get a table.  Since the restaurant is just down the street from our house, we’ve been eating here for years (ever since they opened in 1999, replacing the Indian restaurant Rasoi, which replaced Ravioli’s which replaced Baskin-Robbins ice cream—sorry that’s as far back as my life in this neighborhood goes).

We ate pretty much our usual: Mun Tod (deep fried sweet potatoes), fresh spring rolls, veggie Pad Thai, and a plate with chicken (a ginger plate this time).  We did not stay for dessert, because the restaurant was full and we wanted to help them turn the tables as fast as they could.  It is great that they managed to get back in business before the rush when all the parents come to see their kids graduate, even if their insurance company did not help them make their original 3-month goal for getting back into business.

It is very nice to have Sabieng Thai back, and I hope that their re-opening night rush extends for the next month.

Sprockets, whose closure I blogged about, is back in business under new ownership, having been closed for only about a month.  I stopped in today to get a new patch kit for my son. The new owners are much younger than the previous owners, but their intent is to have a similar family bike shop, with mainly affordable bikes and accessories.  They seem to have a little less stock than the previous shop. I hope this doesn’t mean that they are under-capitalized, but that they just have a cautious buying policy until they’ve figured out what the local market is. If they live up to their current promise, I expect that I’ll be doing business with them for years to come.

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