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2012 May 26

Free calculus book

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There is a free calculus book (by Gilbert Strang) available on line though the MIT OpenCourseWare.  The book covers all of single-variable calculus and most of multi-variable calculus, with over three times as many pages for the single-variable stuff as for the multi-variable stuff.

My son just finished single-variable calculus a month ago through the Art of Problem-Solving online course and took the AP Calculus BC class, and so I’m thinking about what math he should do next year.  Doing the MV calculus from a book like this would be one reasonable choice.

Although multi-variable calculus is the most common course to follow single-variable calculus, I don’t think I’ll push him into it next year (though he could take it if he chooses to).  I think that it would be more valuable for him to take Applied Discrete Math (combinatorics, proof by induction, Boolean algebra), probability, and statistical inference courses before going further in calculus.


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