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2012 June 14

2012 AP Exam Score Distribution

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Over the last year, one of my most popular posts was mainly a pointer to the unofficial 2011 AP Exam score distributions, collected by Total Registration, a company that helps some schools register students for the AP exams. The official statistics for last year were not posted until much later, after all the scores had been finalized

Total Registration is collecting the unofficial results this year also: 2012 AP Exam Score Distribution.

Last year I summarized some of the results, but not enough have been posted yet for me to do that this year.  What I’m really waiting for are my son’s results for the two AP exams he took this year.


  1. Are details about gender balance available anywhere?

    Comment by David Klappholz — 2012 June 14 @ 18:53 | Reply

    • Not yet. I believe that the official statistics will include that sort of information, but probably won’t be available until December.

      Comment by gasstationwithoutpumps — 2012 June 14 @ 20:29 | Reply

  2. Do you follow AP_Trevor on twitter? (You can subscribe to a twitter feed on Google Reader (and I assume other RSS readers) without joining twitter.) AP_Trevor is Trevor Packer, head of AP for College Board. He just announced the top level statistics for AP Physics today. Since I know your son took Mechanics, I’ll copy those posts below:

    AP_Trevor: Physics B and C:E&M results are almost exactly like last years, but C:Mechanics students knocked it out of the park w/a 19% increase in 5s.

    AP_Trevor: 2012 AP Physics C:Mechanics results: 31.3%=5; 26.5%=4; 18.9%=3; 12.9%=2; 10.4%=1. These may shift slightly as late exams are scored.

    AP_Trevor: In Physics C:Mechanics students demonstrated much stronger knowledge and skills than last year, resulting in major increases in 4s & 5s.

    AP_Trevor: But Q3 was the toughest question I can remember on a C: Mech exam; ~half of students didn’t earn a single point on it:

    He’s posting the top level breakdown for each exam as the grading is finished, along with a post or two of commentary, usually about which FRQs students did best and worst on.

    Comment by Jo in OKC — 2012 June 15 @ 14:10 | Reply

    • I don’t use Twitter, but it is Trevor’s twitter feed that provides the information that Total Registration is collecting.

      Comment by gasstationwithoutpumps — 2012 June 15 @ 20:08 | Reply

  3. Thanks for posting this and letting your readers know about Total Registration’s online AP exam registration service. We will continue to update the score distributions as Trevor Packer, the head of AP, posts the distributions and his comments. He is providing a more detailed commentary with each score posting. Scores for individual students are typically available by phone beginning July 1st and mailed the second week in July.

    Comment by Mike Elings — 2012 June 16 @ 08:52 | Reply

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