Gas station without pumps

2012 August 18

EKG blinky boards work

I assembled one of the EKG blinky boards yesterday and tried it out—it worked right away with no fiddling around!  I wrote up the instructions for putting it together as if it were a product. I have no intention at the moment of turning it into a product—I could be talked out of that if someone could convince me it would be worth all the hassle.
So far, all I’ve written is the EKG blinky parts list and assembly instructions, but I plan to have a software release for connecting it to the Arduino and a page explaining a little about EKGs and how they work—more specifically how the EKG blinky works.  Some of the earlier posts about EKG circuits are relevant, but I don’t think any of them exactly match what I built:
The Arduino software was written by my son and works, but I think he is still doing some work on the Python programs for the laptop, and he hasn’t finished documenting them yet.  I can get nice plots like this from the EKG blinky using the command-line Python program he wrote and gnuplot, but the Python program that provides real-time plots on the screen is not able to maintain the 3msec sampling rate and drops data.


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