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2012 August 29

Tests for 11th grade

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In Home schooling restarts, I listed the courses I thought my son would take this year.  In this post I’ll list the exams I think he’ll need.

test date register by comments
pSAT Oct 17 ? He needs to take pSAT this year for National Merit Scholarships, as he has a good chance of getting one.
SAT Oct 6, Nov 3, Dec 1, Jan 26, May 4, Jun 1 Sep 7, Oct 4, Nov 1, Dec 28, Apr 5, May2 I think that he should take an SAT test early this year, to find out how much more work he needs on SAT essays.  If necessary, he would take the SAT again in the Spring. SAT exams can’t be on the same day as SAT Subject tests, though multiple Subject tests can be the same day.
ACT Oct 27, Dec 8, Feb 9, Apr 13, Jun 8 Sep 21, Nov 2, Jan 11, Mar 8, May 3 ACT is not popular on the coasts, but I’ve heard that some students do better on the ACT than on the SAT (and vice versa).  If his SAT scores aren’t what we hope for, it may be worth doing an ACT test as well.
SAT Spanish with Listening Nov 3 Oct 4 It would probably be better for him to take this text next year, after one more Spanish class.  It is only offered in November.  He could take the SAT Spanish without listening on any other SAT day.
SAT World History Dec 1, Jun 1 Nov 1, May 2 This test may be a way to validate that his idiosyncratic “world history through history of science” covered an adequate amount of world history.  The SAT subject test should be less demanding than an AP test.
SAT Physics May 4, Jun 1 Apr 5, May 2 This test should be pretty easy, compared to the AP Physics C tests, but he’ll need to finish E&M first.  It will help with schools that require two STEM SAT Subject tests.
AP Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism May 14 March? We’ll have to find a school willing to administer this exam, as no high school in the county does Physics C.
AP Computer Science A May 8 March? He may be able to take this at Pacific Collegiate, as they have an AP computer science course.
AP Spanish Language May 8 March? This is scheduled for the same time slot as AP CS, so one of them has to be moved to the makeup slot.
AMC 12 Feb 5, Feb 20 Dec 13 He could take either or both AMC 12 tests this year.  (Taking both increases his chance of being invited to take the AIME test.)
AIME Mar 13?? If he does well on the AMC 12, he could be invited to take the AIME in mid March or early April—it doesn’t seem to have been scheduled yet.

Combining these tests with previous years’ he’ll have 5 AP test scores and 3–4 SAT Subject scores. We’ll have to check the list of colleges he might apply to, to see if any need 5 SAT Subject tests.

Other dates

He has several other scheduled activities this year that need to be planned around.

Activity date comments
Performance Jan 19, 20 Imaginary Invalid at Broadway Playhouse (WEST Ensemble Players)
Performance May 4, 5 The Outsiders at Broadway Playhouse, Saturday morning rehearsal may conflict with SAT. (WEST Ensemble Players)
Performances ? Dinosaur Prom Improv, probably every 6–8 weeks.
Oregon Shakespeare Festival May? Dates for trip not yet on AFE calendar.
County Science Fair Mar 9 If he decides to do science fair this year, he’ll have to register by Feb 15.
California State Science Fair Apr 29–30?? Schedule not posted yet. Only relevant if he decides to do science fair and gets chosen to represent the county at state.
International Science and Engineering Fair May 12–17 Only relevant if he decides to do science fair and gets chosen to represent the county at ISEF. Conflict with AP exams can be resolved by taking exam at ISEF.

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  1. So busy! Best of luck to your son this year.

    Comment by Kristen — 2012 September 1 @ 15:53 | Reply

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