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2012 September 11

Power Searching with Google

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A few months ago, I posted about Google running a search class, but I was too busy to actually do the search class when they ran it.  They think that it was successful enough that they are running it again 2012 Sep 24–Oct 10: Power Searching with Google – Inside Search.  I probably won’t have time this time around either, but I’ll sign up again, just on the off chance that I do have some spare time.

They’re also impressed enough with the platform they built for the course that they are offering it for others to use as an open-source tool called Course Builder.  Of course, they are not offering the computer resources needed to run Course builder, which is not intended to be run on your laptop—you need a data center (at least a web server) to run a MOOC.

They will probably sell you cloud computing capability to run Course Builder at some future date (if they can convince enough colleges and other MOOC wannabes to use it), but for now this is a subtle advertising venue for them: “It also contains instructions for using other Google products”.


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  1. My daughter and I both did it this summer. I learned a few things, but not a lot. The class didn’t require much time. I think it was nominally less than 1 hour per session and realistically far less than that (sometimes as little as 5 or 10 minutes).

    A lesson would be made up of several (say 5) short lectures, a couple of exercises, and a quiz. You can skip the lectures if you decide the text summary at the top is informative enough. If you don’t do well enough on the quiz, you can go back and revisit lectures.

    The “pitches” for other google products are mostly showing you how to access them through search. So, if you want to get directions, you can search for “Directions to ” and the first result will be the google maps directions for that.

    They did teach searching in Google Scholar, Google Images, Google News, and Google Groups, as well as a bunch of the google keywords that bring up their “one box” answer at the top (weather is my new favorite). To be honest, I don’t think of Google Images as separate from Google Web Search, since I flip back and forth as needed. However, to them they’re two separate products.

    I think it’s made me a more productive searcher, but I wouldn’t say the class was earthshattering.

    Comment by Jo in OKC — 2012 September 11 @ 15:24 | Reply

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