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2012 October 5

Bike saddle stolen and recovered

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Wednesday night, while my son was in theater class, his bike post and saddle were stolen, so he had to walk his bike home.  On Thursday morning, we went to the nearest bike shop (Sprockets), and bought him a new seat post and saddle, a lock for the saddle, and new bracket for his rear light (which had been mounted on a bracket on the seat post).  This cost about $70 and took us about an hour—not a crushing burden, but definitely a nuisance. Later in the day, we got a call from the theater staff: they had found his post and saddle in the bushes near the theater.  He’ll get them back tomorrow and will have a spare.  So we’ve spent $70 that was probably unnecessary (if we had the leisure for him to be without transportation for a day, which we don’t), and lost some time (walking the bike home and buying a new saddle).  At least he now has a lock for his saddle, so it is unlikely to get stolen again.

I don’t understand the mentality of someone who would steal a seat post and saddle and then ditch it in the bushes nearby.  That doesn’t benefit anyone.  I can understand (and hate) the petty thefts done by meth heads to feed their habit, but I don’t understand a theft just to discard what was stolen.  Was it someone who hated bicyclists and wanted to harass one? Someone so drug-damaged that they stole the saddle, then couldn’t remember why? I might have suspected a childish prank by one of his classmates (none of whom are cruel, but some of whom might be childish enough for such a prank), but they were all in the theater class at the time of the theft.



  1. Maybe the person who took it saw or heard something, like a patrol car or sirens, that made him/her decide to ditch the seat in the bushes. Glad you got it back.

    Comment by C. Stansberry — 2012 October 5 @ 03:55 | Reply

  2. […] week, I reported on my son’s bike saddle and seatpost getting stolen and ditched in the bushes—behavior I had a hard time […]

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