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2012 November 2

Bus ad

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I saw this bus ad over a month ago, but just found out tonight that my wife hadn’t seen it, so I showed it to her:

We both found it hilarious.  She thinks that Santa Cruz Metro Transit District (SCMTD) should do a similar ad for their buses.  I expressed some skepticism that they could find drivers capable of drifting the buses safely, but she seemed to think that it wouldn’t be a problem.  She rides the buses much more than I do (neither of us has a driver’s license, but she doesn’t bike, so ends up taking the bus for anything over 2 miles), and so I trust her to know more about the drivers than I do.

The reason the bus ad had come up as a topic of conversation, is that my wife had asked me if I’d seen this other transportation video (intended as a safety video, rather than an ad):

I hadn’t.  It is good, but I still like the bus ad better.


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  1. I’m glad you like our local Danish bus adds. I lived on campus in Santa Cruz a couple of years and was impressed by the bus service there. Thanks to the regular service, the first word my young daughter learned to say was “bus”. I don’t think our local service would have accomplished that.

    Comment by Jakob Skou Pedersen — 2012 November 3 @ 04:06 | Reply

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