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2013 March 15

Judging at state again this year

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I’ve volunteered to judge at the California State Science Fair again this year, since I need to travel down to Los Angeles anyway to accompany my son, who will once again be going to state (this makes his 6th year in a row).  I didn’t find out from the county judges (even though I was a judge in the elementary and middle-school divisions at county), nor from the awards ceremony, which isn’t until next Monday, but from the public posting of those eligible to register for the state science fair on the California State Science Fair site.  Given that the deadline for Santa Cruz students to register for the state science fair is 2013 March 21, only 3 days after the 2013 March 18 awards ceremony, and that students need to edit their abstracts from the county’s overly rigid format to the state format, I believe that the students going on to state should be informed as soon as possible, not waiting over a week for the awards ceremony.

Santa Cruz County once again got allocated 40 projects at state, based mainly on historical levels of awards.  As I understand the allocation formula, it is now based on the average number of awards at state for the preceding 5 years, with a minimum of 6 for each affiliated fair, even if they have never produced an award-winning project.  The large number of projects allocated for Santa Cruz County (despite our relatively small population) is a testimony to the average quality of the ones we send to state.

I copied the list of names on the state web site, and sorted them into projects at the county level, and I count 44 projects, not 40, so I suspect that this list includes 4 alternates—I don’t know which four. It’s possible that my son is just an alternate (which would be a shame, because I made non-refundable motel reservations earlier today).

Derecho, Devin                Junior    Behavioral and Social Sciences
Hayes, Anika                    Junior    Behavioral and Social Sciences
Marsh, Sam                       Junior    Botany
Gwiazda, Gina                   Junior    Botany
Parsa, Sophie and Rorty, Ruby    Junior    Botany
Clarkson, Maya                   Junior    Chemistry
Failor, Phoebe                    Junior    Chemistry
Hume, Bristol and Sierra, Ava    Junior    Chemistry
Chandiramani, Rishi                Junior    Cognitive Science
Scott-Curtis, Liam              Junior    Cognitive Science
Kvaternik, Jaime                Junior    Earth Science
Mitchell, Jacob                   Junior    Earth Science
Freedman, Max                  Junior    Energy and Power
Ortiz, Chloe                         Junior    Energy and Power
Popilsky, Tovah                  Junior    Energy and Power
Bjorklund, Eli and Hite, Parker    Junior    Environmental Engineering
Kent, Madelyn                    Junior    Environmental Engineering
Donohoe, Jack                    Junior    Environmental Science
Freedman, Emma               Junior    Environmental Science
Taylor, Gemma                    Junior    Environmental Science
Hanlon, Jeremy                   Junior    Math and Software
Patz, Sara                              Junior    Math and Software
Bernstein, Talia                   Junior    Medicine and Health
Tschirky, Chloe                    Junior    Medicine and Health
Silverglate, Steven               Junior    Physics and Astronomy
von Oepen, Marc                 Junior    Physics and Astronomy
Schaefer-Whittall, Emma            Junior    Zoology
Spence, Ferryn                    Junior    Zoology
Webb, Audrey                     Junior    Zoology

Glum, Anthony and Gonzalez, Rene and Ortiz, Daniel    Senior    Botany
Maxwell, Anna and Weigel, Adela    Senior    Botany
Hernandez, Emily                Senior    Botany
Gallagher, Natalie and Lydon, Connor    Senior    Earth Science
Garcia, Cesar                    Senior    Environmental Science
Prambs, Johann              Senior    Environmental Science
Dong, Kevin                     Senior    Math and Software
Karplus, Abraham          Senior    Math and Software
Loehde-Woolard, Hailey            Senior    Chemistry
Miller, Adrian and Sanchez, Michaela    Senior    Microbiology
Torres, Isabel                   Senior    Microbiology
Yerena, Maria                  Senior    Microbiology
Pogson, Angela                Senior    Zoology
Pouls, Jazz                        Senior    Zoology
Manier, Saige                   Senior    Zoology


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