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2013 June 10

Chapter 23 homework

Although my son has taken both the AP Physics C: E&M exam and the SAT2 Physics exam already, we haven’t finished the Matter and Interactions book yet, so we’ll keep going over the summer to finish off the last 3 chapters (23: Faraday’s Law, 24: Electromagnetic Radiation, 25: Waves and Particles).  He read the chapters before taking the exams but has not done any exercises or labs for them yet.

Chapter 23 includes inductors, so we’ll probably do some inductor labs, looking at current in response to a step change in voltage and perhaps making an LC oscillator.  I have some 220µH inductors, so we should be able to do current changes slow enough to track with the Arduino data logger and make an audio frequency oscillator.  We may try winding our own air-core inductors with different core diameters, and measure the inductance in several ways (say by fitting a time constant to the current change, with a frequency measurement of an LC oscillator, and by nulling a bridge circuit comparing to a known inductance).  We’ll probably also do some sort of eddy current demo (dropping a magnet through a copper tube, for example).

Homework exercises for Chapter 23:  23P29, 23P30, 23P32, 23P34, 23P35, 23P38, 23P40, 23P42, 23P43, 23P45, 23P46, 23P47, 23P51, 23P52.


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