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2013 June 11

2013 AP Exam Score Distribution

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As they’ve done for the past couple of years, Total Registration is once again collecting Trevor Packer’s tweets about the AP score distributions as they come out: 2013 AP Exam Score Distributions.

I don’t know why the College Board waits until December to release the statistics officially, letting Total Registration get a lot of web hits for information that College Board could easily host themselves.  Even my third-hand posts, 2012 and 2011, which are just links to the Total Registration site get a lot of views, thanks to good placement on the Google page.  In fact, the 2011 post is one of my most-viewed posts:

Stats summarizing the 17,584 views for my 2011 post pointing to the AP stats.  Notice how the results peak during the tests and when the test results are released.

Stats summarizing the 17,584 views for my 2011 post pointing to the AP stats. Notice how the results peak during the tests and when the test results are released.

Incidentally, Total Registration has an ulterior motive for posting the AP scores—it drives teachers to their site, and they sell an online registration service to schools, since College Board has never bothered to set up their own online registration.  College Board doesn’t do it (though they do online registration for SAT and SAT2), because they don’t require testing centers to offer all the AP exams and they can’t be bothered to figure out which schools will offer which AP exams.

So far only the AP Computer Science results are posted, and the results will change once the late exams are posted (my son took the late exam, so I’m sure there is at least one more 5 there!).


  1. Thanks again for the post and link to the score distributions that we are compiling. As you mention, Total Registration does help schools with the time consuming and stressful process of registering students for the AP exams and collecting the payments. In 2013, more than 159,000 students registered themselves online for over 311,000 exams at 410 schools using Total Registration. These schools report saving over 100 staff hours using Total Registration.

    Comment by Total Registration — 2013 June 12 @ 11:44 | Reply

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