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2013 July 22

Santa Cruz wages are dropping

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According to the LA Times, in Santa Cruz among top 10 list of cities with plunging wages,

Only one California city ranked in the top 10: Santa Cruz. At No. 10, the coastal city saw average wages drop 0.8% in the last year. Average pay was $849 a week.

Note, however, that they were not really looking at the city, but at “Santa Cruz-Watsonville, Calif.”  This includes a lot of seasonal agricultural labor, which has very low pay scales.  The author of the article (Shan Li) does not give the source for her average wage data.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel in Santa Cruz County reports 108,900 jobs in June; unemployment 7.9 percent, reports

The Santa Cruz County labor force grew to a record 161,800 in June, the largest in 32 years, as new college graduates went job-hunting yet unemployment did not rise.

A whopping 5,700 jobs were added last month, many more than the 10-year average of 3,600, bringing the total to 108,900 full-time and part-time jobs.

Locally, the bulk of the jobs added in June were in agriculture as farm employment expanded from 8,700 to 12,800.

There is a lot of information in the Sentinel article about numbers of jobs and commuter imbalance (into and out of the county), but almost nothing about wages.  The large growth in low-paid agricultural jobs is almost certainly seasonal (berry-picking, for example).


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