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2013 July 29

Free training on KL processors from Freescale

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I got email for Freescale today, advertising a free seminar for designing with their KL series processors.  Looking over the contents of the seminar, I think that my son an I have gotten at least half of what they cover already (and possibly a lot more), just from reading the documentation, experimenting with the KL25Z board, and debugging using the gcc toolchain. I’m not about to fly down to LA and stay 2 nights in a hotel room (for a total cost of over $500) for a one-day free seminar, but someone in the LA area might find the seminar useful.

The seminar seems to be mainly about the Freescale software development tools, which are quite pricey.  We don’t plan to usetheir toosl, but either the MBED tools from (in my case) or the gcc tools (in my son’s case), both of which are free.

I’ll be doing more with the KL25Z board this week, once the headers I ordered from Digi-Key arrive.  My son will be using it to prototype his engineering project for the summer, and (I hope) to provide another platform for the Arduino Data Logger, with higher resolution in time and sampling frequency.

Here is the message from Freescale:

Register Now for Designing with Freescale Training in Los Angeles »

Experience the advantages of Kinetis L series MCUs built on the ARM® Cortex™-M0+ processor and discover what makes it the “world’s most energy-efficient 32-bit MCU.” This session includes a focus on the Freescale Freedom development platform, Processor Expert software and MQX™ Lite RTOS to give designers a jump start in developing applications for L series devices. Interested? Good, because we’ll cover that and more in our hands-on training seminar in Los Angeles on August 22.

You will experience:


Kinetis L series MCUs deep dive
Freescale Freedom development platform components
Processor Expert software and methods of configuring device drivers for a variety of peripherals including ADC, Timers/PWM and I2C
Principals of the MQX Lite operating system
RTOS concepts


The session is free of charge and attendees will receive a complimentary Freescale Freedom development platform.

Session prerequisites:

Knowledge of embedded systems
Basic knowledge of C
Basic understanding of IAR Workbench

Seating is limited. Register now »

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