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2013 August 13

MPX2053DP pressure sensor being discontinued

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I just got notice today that Freescale is discontinuing the MPX2053DP pressure sensor that I used for the pressure sensor lab in the Applied Circuits course. DigiKey sent me an “end-of-life” notice with a “last time buy date” of 02/22/2014. It is service like this that makes me glad to buy from Digikey.

I don’t see any indication of the end of life status for the MPX2053DP on the Freescale website, which either means that Freescale is very poor at maintaining their website, or that Digikey has made a mistake here.  I’m betting on incompetent web maintenance at Freescale.

I’m wondering whether I should order some spares (I still have 8 breakout boards). I have 12 that I soldered to breakout boards for the lab (which UCSC reimbursed me for), plus one that I made for myself. Eight spares would cost $110.56, and 10 spares $125.60 (plus tax and shipping in both cases). I should probably check with the lab manager to find out what their recommended policy is for spare parts on discontinued items.

It may not be that important, since the MPX2050DP is still available, and it has essentially the same specs (except somewhat better linearity) and is actually slightly cheaper.  If we need more, we can get the MPX2050DP instead.


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