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2013 November 15

Udacity moving into corporate training

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I just read a good article, Udacity’s Sebastian Thrun, Godfather Of Free Online Education, in which the author claims that Udacity is abandoning the MOOC vision of free university-level education in favor of the more lucrative field of corporate training:

It is a good story, as well manicured as a college quad during homecoming weekend. But there’s a problem: The man who started this revolution no longer believes the hype.

I can’t say I’m surprised.  I’ve always regarded the MOOC as more of a PR gesture than an enduring way to provide college education, and I predicted that the companies doing MOOCs would drift into corporate training after burning through their initial corporate capital (if they didn’t simply fold or downsize to the level sustainable as a purely public-relations game).


  1. great article and an interesting comments section.

    Comment by bj — 2013 November 15 @ 10:46 | Reply

  2. corporate training is a very important part of any business as it allow team members to set goals along with increasing productivity of the team members

    Comment by Manoj Keshwar — 2013 November 18 @ 23:34 | Reply

  3. I have been predicting this for the last two years. It is a no-brainer. I should go back through my comments – I may have even predicted it on this blog

    Comment by Bonnie — 2013 November 25 @ 13:55 | Reply

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