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2013 December 25

Second Common App submission

Around 1 a.m. on Dec 25, my son submitted the second of his Common App college applications (Stanford).  He now has seven days to do 4 more applications. Originally he had planned to take Christmas off, but he has fallen behind schedule, thanks to a bad cough and 2 full days spent rehearsing and performing in WEST Ensemble Players’ production of Inspecting Carol, where he had the role of Sidney Carlton (and hence the roles of Jacob Marley and Mr. Fezziwig).  The production was an excellent one, with all the actors cast true to type.  I’m looking forward to their production of Much Ado About Nothing in the spring—he’s with a very talented group of actors this year.

Actually, he’ll only have 6.5 days to do four applications, as I promised him that if he got the Stanford application done before going to bed, I’d sign him up for the 3-day workshop with Ailin Conant of Theatre Temóin that WEST is doing on Dec 30, Jan 2, and Jan 3.  (The link to the site will probably break in a few weeks, as WEST does not keep archival links to classes once they are over—I think that they should maintain permanent links for each class, but they generally discard chunks of their website every 4 months, and reuse the URLs.)

I doubt that he can get all four applications done in time, but I’ll be satisfied if he gets the next two (Brown and MIT) done.  The ones after that on the list CMU, Caltech, and Olin, did not seem to be as good fits, though each is still a good enough fit to be worth applying if he can get the essays done.

It was a good thing that he and I were checking the completeness of the application process together tonight, as he found a mistake I had made—the transcript and counselor letter had not had their final submission.  I was unable to complete the submission with Firefox—the Common App website went into an infinite pause generating the PDF preview.

I had no trouble doing the submission with Chrome, though.  I did see that they added headers and footers to all the uploaded documents, one of which interfered with footers I had put in the transcript (to explain the codes for the different educational providers).  I took advantage of needing to fix the footers to update a few other things on the transcript—like the name for the English course he is taking fall semester, and his intention not to continue with Page to Stage (one of his four theater activities in the fall) in the spring.

He now has 2 complete applications (fully downloadable by the colleges) on Common App, plus the UC applications.  In another week, he’ll be essentially done with college applications (with just the UCSB College of Creative Studies additional application).




  1. My son is applying to almost all the same colleges…we have approached it differently with essay writing on-going now for a month…but I have not submitted my counselor materials yet as we are still tweaking the HS transcript….spent some untold amounts of time agonizing about what sort of grade makes sense for HS transcript as we have never put much stock in grades ourselves. Son has A’s and A-‘s from college classes at good liberal arts college….Anyway, nearing the finish line, he may drop Princeton off his list as those essays are not done and prompts are a bit off-putting to him . He really wants MIT, Olin, or maybe Brown. I have enjoyed following your posts….

    Comment by tashadepp — 2013 December 27 @ 15:08 | Reply

    • We did not include grades for courses, except where outside providers had provided them. It did take me months to get his transcript and course descriptions together, though.

      I’m hoping my son will get the Brown essays done tonight, and the MIT ones in the next couple of days. CMU, Olin, and Caltech are after that, but I’ve no hope he’ll get them all done.

      Comment by gasstationwithoutpumps — 2013 December 27 @ 21:07 | Reply

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