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2014 January 1

CMU submission done

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My son finished the Carnegie Mellon computer science application today (and I do mean today—it was just after midnight when we got the payment information entered).  This is the last of his major college applications—he decided not to try to do the Caltech and Olin application essays.  If he doesn’t get into Harvey Mudd, Stanford, Brown, MIT, CMU, or UCB, then he’ll go to one of his safety schools (UCSD or UCSB).  I think that his expected number of acceptances in his top six choices is two, so he’ll probably have some choosing to do once the acceptances come in.

In the meantime, he still has one more essay to write—the letter of intent for the College of Creative Studies at UCSB, due by 2014 Jan 13:

Write a letter to the attention of the faculty in the CCS major to which you are applying, stating your academic interests, your reasons for wanting to study at CCS, and your background in your intended major.

He’ll also need letters of recommendation and transcripts (which UC admissions does not normally require, but which everyone else expects, so they are relatively easy to provide).

It will be very good to be done with the essay writing season—we can get back to him doing intellectually stimulating things, like group theory or updating the data logger software to work with the KL25Z board.

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