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2014 January 19

Shakespeare Play On update

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The Shakespeare Play On campaign to keep alive the summer Shakespeare in Santa Cruz is going strong.  They’ve got two weeks to raise the remainder of what they  need to put on a summer season in 2014.  It looks much more feasible than it did two weeks ago.  You can go to their website—Shakespeare Play On—to see the progress of their fund raising or to contribute.  Here is how it starts this afternoon:

$248,113 to Go!

Dear Play On Nation,

Extraordinary news … We’ve crossed the $600,000 mark! That’s right, in the last 50 hours, Play On has raised $300,000!!!! That leaves only $285,000 to meet our goal. Over the past month, the Board of Shakespeare Play On has challenged our community and theatre-lovers everywhere to rally to the cause of saving Shakespeare in Santa Cruz. And amazing people indeed have answered the call! Sir Patrick Stewart, Emily Mann, James Bundy, Rowland Rebele, Christa Stiner, David Haussler and Darrin Caddes have engaged by joining our Advisory Board. Over 400 of you have made generous donations.

Having famous actors like Patrick Stewart saying that it is important to support Shakespeare in Santa Cruz undoubtedly helps a lot with the fund raising (I understand that he was a regular attendee years ago).

On a more local level, West End Studio Theatre included a plea for Shakespeare Play On donations on the back of the programs for this weekend’s performances of “Call of the Wild” by middle-school and high-school students. Somewhat surprisingly, this was news to a lot of the audience. Even people who care enough about theater to pay for acting classes for their kids are often unaware of what’s going on to revive summer Shakespeare in Santa Cruz—the media coverage has been tiny and easily missed.

I understand that UCSC has still not let Shakespeare Play On send any information to the subscribers and donors of Shakespeare Santa Cruz, which seems very petty of the UCSC administration.  Giving them a one-time license to send a mailing costs the university nothing, and refusing to do so probably costs them the goodwill of a lot of donors.

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