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2014 January 25

Shakespeare Play On video

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Bill Richter of Shakespeare Play On sent out e-mail today with an update on the fund-raising progress. They need to raise another $160,000 in 6 days, but it looks like they might make it if more people  contribute:

Dear Friends,

It’s been a really busy week, and with only 6 days to go, I wanted to give you a few updates, share a video with you, and ask you to help make sure our revels are not ended.  But first, I want to make sure each of you knows that your gift(s) to us at year-end and this month are enormously appreciated.  Thank You!

By  now, I’m sure you all know about our Advisory Board, but if not, check out our website,, and click on the “who are we?” tab.  You probably saw our announcement that within 50 hours of announcing the Advisory Board, we raised over $300,000 (doubling the funds to date)!

I hope you’ve been following our progress on our website every morning.  Scroll down and you’ll find a ticker that allows you to monitor our progress each day—we are a bit over the $725,000 mark, which means we are about 80% to the goal—not out of the woods yet, but a whole lot closer to the Glen!

On the subject of the Glen, we have received a detailed term sheet from UCSC for the Glen lease and we are working with the UCSC real estate team to get the details down.  It’s looking quite good, and the dates Mike and Marco would want for a season are available.   Of course, there is still a lot to be done, but progress is being made on this front as well.

As we head into our last week and the final push to fund the 2014 season, we find ourselves still needing to dig deep.  $160k deep.  Deep into our pockets, deep into our communities and deep into ourselves.  I know that you’ve all made generous gifts, so asking you to make a follow on investment so soon is hard—but you didn’t really expect us to back off now, did you?  After all, the theater the community has dreamed of is within reach:  there is no limit to the art Play On can create, no limit to what Play On can become, and there’s no role it can’t play in our lives, community and the American Theater that is not within our control.  We’ve waited a long time for this opportunity, so go for it!  If you can help cap off Play On’s fundraising for the 2014 season with an additional gift, now is the time to do so.  Please donate by going to: 

Our friends at the Nickelodeon Theaters here in Santa Cruz have offered to run a 30-second Play On spot for free on all screens, all shows, through our deadline.  I thought you would enjoy being among the first to see Play On’s video before it hits the big screen.  Produced by our web and social media volunteer and guru Steve Boyle, with a message from Mike Ryan, and a vocal track by Marion Adler, it’s really quite good.  Enjoy and share:

Again, to donate, please go to

If our request catches you at a bad time, we understand.  But we’d ask you to send this note to a few of your close friends, people you know are our fans.  Invite them to learn about us, watch our video, and if the spirit moves them to play on, to donate a bit at

Please also be sure to ask your employer to match your donation, if you work at a company with a corporate giving program.  That’s a great way to double your gift.

Keep those dedications coming along with your gifts – “sweets to the sweet”.  Play On is glad to deliver your messages to friends and loved ones!

On behalf of the Board, Mike, Marco, our Advisory Board, theater artists and our community, thank you so much for your stalwart support.

If you have questions, please be in touch.








Donations: Or send a check, payable to Arts Council (with “Shakespeare Play On” on the memo line), to Arts Council, 1070 River Street, Santa Cruz, CA  95060

Here is the advertising video that they’ll be running at the Nickelodeon:

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