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2014 February 3

Still more theater

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My son is doing more theater this week than I thought.  In addition to the WEST audition workshop that starts tomorrow (Tues 2014 Feb 4) that I mentioned in More theater, Much Ado About Nothing rehearsal, and Dinosaur Prom rehearsal, my son will be appearing on stage again this weekend (the fourth weekend in a row).  This time he’ll be part of a special fund-raiser for WEST’s scholarship fund.  Six of the actors are members of Dinosaur Prom Improv, so even if this is a bit of a last-minute fund-raiser, it it likely to be a reasonably good show. Here is the info from the WEST web page:

Special Event: WEST Variety Show

Sunday, February 9th marks the first WEST VARIETY NIGHT at the Broadway Playhouse. Hosted by Wyatt Bernard

What you may not know…

Every year since 2007 WEST has offered over $15,000 in partial scholarships to support the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of arts education for our students.  Our ticket sales fund about half of the scholarships we allocate.  We are searching for new ways to create income to keep the scholarship funds flowing that will also allow us to spend more quality time PLAYING together.

What you definitely know …

The WEST students are without a doubt intelligent, articulate, and extremely talented.  They are the next generation of artist to take the world by storm!  And we never get tired of watching their stage successes, antics, and shenanigins. So join us for another evening of quality entertainment for a good cause!


  • 7pm at the Broadway Playhouse
  • Sunday, February 9th
  • Tickets $10 Students; $12 Adults
  • Reservations Strongly Recommended
  • By Email:

Who’s Performing What?

The variety show is a mix of Improv, Sketch, Stand-Up, Music, Rap, and Acting featuring the delightful talents of …

  • Sam Sterbenz
  • Wyatt Bernard—The evening’s EMCEE
  • Zephyra Paxton
  • Zach Kumaishi
  • Everett Glynn
  • Delilah Steinmann
  • Riley Nelson
  • Timmy Glancy
  • Abe Karplus
  • Hunter Wallraff & Jamal Hunt (Triceratops)
  • Sammi DeHart
  • Gabriel Adams-Sherrod
  • Otto Shwarm



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