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2014 May 2

Video of Designing Courses talk

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A week and a half ago, I gave a talk titled Designing Courses to Teach Design, after posting the text of the speech on this blog.  The talk went fairly well, though the time limit meant that I had to read the speech, which I’ve never done in 32 years of teaching.  It was kind of weird having a set speech to give, rather than extemporizing as I usually do.

The whole forum was videotaped and is available online (as a 784 Mbyte downloadable .mov file) from So you think your lecture course is better than a MOOC? April 23, 2014.

I was the second of six speakers and got some good questions.  Of the forum speakers, I think I liked Michael Chemers’s presentation best—he’s a theater teacher and has had more training in connecting with an audience than most faculty, but the content was good also.  (I don’t think the Prezi added much to his presentation, though.)

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  1. […] have, once, given a talk with a carefully written-out script (see Video of Designing Courses talk), when I had a very short time slot to present a large amount of material. The results were OK, but […]

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