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2014 May 18

Instrumentation amp lecture

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I just realized that I never wrote up notes for Friday’s lecture. I mainly talked about what I had planned to: strain gauges and instrumentation amps.  I managed to derive the 3-op-amp instrumentation amp, starting backwards from the differential amplifier that is the final stage, then adding the first stage amplifiers to get gain and high input impedance.  I did not have time to analyze the 2-op-amp instrumentation amplifier, even though the INA126P that they’ll be using is a 2-op-amp instrumentation amp.

I did assign them to create their block diagram, schematic, and layout for the next lab to turn in on Monday.  I hope they do it, so that they can finish the pressure-gauge lab on Tuesday.  That would allow them to build the preamps for their class-D amplifier on Thursday and leave both lab times next week for debugging the power stage.  (Also, next year I could schedule only 1 day for the pressure sensor lab and 2 for the class-D amplifier, freeing up a lab day to uncompress the first week.)


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