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2014 May 20

Tech that Fits Like a Glove

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Santa Cruz Tech Beat has an article about Futuristic Lights, the start-up that my son and his friend have started to design, make, and sell Infinity Gloves:

New Light Gloves Let Artists Program Their Own

Two high-school students, Zohar Wouk and Abe Karplus, couldn’t be bothered to find summer jobs. Instead, they started a company and made their own. Together, they co-founded the company Infinity Gloves and hope to develop a new generation of light gloves.

“I’m more the marketing slash selling guy and he’s more the actually getting the thing to work guy,” explains Zohar gesturing to Abe.


Artists, called “light-glovers,” make hypnotic light shows in the dark by the gracefully arcing and twirling of the colored LED lights in the gloves’ finger tips. The pulsing florescent colors of light gloves have swept the rave and EDM (electronic dance music) scene. Zohar and Abe believe they can better tailor light gloves to artists’ needs through customizable color patterns and a rechargeable battery.

See the full article at Tech that Fits Like a Glove — local students light up the rave scene | Santa Cruz Tech Beat.

I think that the reporter made a few minor errors in the article (like referring to the PC boards as “chips” and getting the product name and the company name confused), but overall the coverage was not bad for a new science/tech reporter.


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