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2014 December 31

2014 in review

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Tags: , prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog—missing, of course, the last 3 days of 2014.  I prepared my own report today, with somewhat more up-to-date statistics.

I had about 116,000 views in 2014, up slightly (about 3.6%) from 112,251 in 2013. My blog seems to have reached a nearly steady state of readership, with only 3.5% growth a year for the past 2 years. The standard advice for making popular blogs (creating a narrowly focused, single-topic blog and pushing it a lot on social media) does not appeal to me, so I’ll continue making an eclectic mix of things that interest me, and be content with having relatively few readers.

I still don’t get many comments though, with the total number of comments about 0.97% of the total number of views, and about 39% of the comments are mine (either automatically generated links to newer posts or replies to other commenters), so the outside comments per view is more like 0.6%. These numbers are approximate, because WordPress doesn’t provide a time-based analysis of comments. My top commenters are thoughtful people, and I appreciate the comments they provide.

My readers are from around the world, though the US dominates (not surprising, since much of my content is about education in the US):

Country Views
United States FlagUnited States 76,890
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 4,064
Canada FlagCanada 3,216
India FlagIndia 2,608
Germany FlagGermany 2,207
Australia FlagAustralia 2,000
France FlagFrance 1,885
Korea, Republic of FlagRepublic of Korea 1,357
Italy FlagItaly 1,192

The most popular entry point this past year has been home page (which is what subscribers go to, or people looking specifically for my blog), but the home page accounts for only about 30% of the views—the rest come from direct links to the blog or search-engine hits.  The most popular posts this past year are an eclectic mix—some are technical help (like installing gnuplot or making WAV files from C programs), some are educational musings (how many AP courses or Carol Dweck’s Mindset), some are looked for by students cheating on homework (the various bridge design contest posts), and some are just pointers to other sites (like the AP exam score distributions). Of the posts with ≥500 views, only 4 were written in 2014, 4 in 2013, 8 in 2012, 7 in 2011, and 1 way back in 2010.  My stuff seems to get more popular with age (or I was a better writer 2–3 years ago).

Home page / Archives 34,570
How many AP courses are too many? 4,602
Engineering Encounters Bridge Design Contest 2014 2,603
Installing gnuplot—a nightmare 2,537
Carol Dweck’s Mindset 2,333
Making WAV files from C programs 2,133
Why no digital oscilloscope for Macbooks and iPads? 1,831
West Point Bridge Designer 2011 1,675
Why Discrete Math Is Important and The Calculus Trap 1,544
2014 AP Exam Score Distributions 1,422
2011 AP Exam Score Distribution 1,345
CS commenters need to learn statistics 1,161
Essay prompts for college applications 1,161
Homeschooling chemistry this year? 1,008
Journals for high school researchers 937
Summer project 937
Difficulties with the new Common Application 853
FET threshold tests with Bitscope 790
labhacks — The $25 scrunchable scientific poster 662
EKG blinky parts list and assembly instructions 654
Teaching voice projection 605
Physics posts in forward order 577
EMG and EKG works 562
Soda-bottle rockets 532
Making Ag/AgCl electrodes 530
West Point Bridge Design Contest 2012 523
Getting text from Amazon’s “Look Inside” 509

The WordPress annual report referrer list is misleading, as the search engines and social media outstrip the web pages that they list, with search engines being the main way that people find posts on this blog. The Facebook and Twitter links are interesting, since I don’t use either service. I do comment a lot on computinged and xykademiqz, and the writers of those blogs are also frequent commenters on my blog, so the views from those more popular blogs are welcome.

Referrer Views
Search Engines 61,171 549 492
Facebook 484
Twitter 369 272 211



  1. I wonder how your statistics reflect those who get email updates and only read the post
    In the email? Does that generate a hit?

    Comment by Jonathan Collins — 2014 December 31 @ 10:21 | Reply

    • I’ve no idea how WordPress gathers the statistics. I believe it includes some, but not all of those who read the RSS feeds also.

      Comment by gasstationwithoutpumps — 2014 December 31 @ 10:49 | Reply

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