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2015 January 27

Build a better life by blogging

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Today in the mail I got the second swag as a result of my blogging.  (The first was a prototype of the Bitscope DP01 active differential probe, which I blogged about in First blogging swag and Bitscope differential probe).

This time, what I got was American Science and Surplus’s “Customer Thank You Gift Bag”, which contains

The total retail value of this swag is about $10, though I would not have spent that much to acquire any of it.  I might have picked up the mug in a thrift store for 50¢, as I need some more coffee mugs to use as beakers in the circuits course (for the thermistor lab and the electrode lab).  We can use the hot sauce (if it is any good), but the rainbow glasses and the plastic tops will need to be given away.  (I wonder if I should give them to my freshman design students for  good class participation or something, or whether I should have my wife give them to the first-grade teacher at her school.)

The reason that I was sent this rather valueless $10 gift bag is that American Science and Surplus noticed my post about a motor I bought from them a few years ago:

Kudos and thanks to the author – we have been perplexed about this motor for too long. Please contact us at so we can send you a little gift.
With kind regards from American Science and Surplus

It was nice of them to send me something, but I would rather have had some random motors than what they did send.

At about $85 in swag from 1467 posts, I’m making about 6¢ a post—good thing I’m not doing it for the financial rewards!

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  1. This reminds me of an unsolocited gift my son received from the manufacturer of a pet playpen we purchased for our rabbits. The area enclosed by the 11 panel “deluxe” playpen was incorrectly sized in both the manufacturer’s print ad and in a highlighted banner on the box. My son, an AOPS math kid, calculated the area of the undecagon and then checked it by approximating a circle with equivalent radius. The manufacturer was off by nearly a factor of two. I sent an email note to the manufacturer to let them know they could be losing buyers who thought the pen was half its actual size. I included a notation that my then 14 year old son had done the math calculations.

    The reply was a big THANK YOU email from the manufacturer who said they were sending my son a thank you gift. When it arrived, the gift was a small plush toy ferret. Now I don’t know many 14 yr old boys who would covet such a gift. We do cat rescue so we tossed it out for the cats who batted it around a bit and then abandoned it. I see it somewhere in the house every now and then, having been carried off as “prey” by some cat, and I smile to myself over the odd thank you gift. Since no gift was anticipated when I sent the note, I suppose the entertainment value of the story itself exceeds expectations there.

    Comment by Sally — 2015 January 28 @ 04:18 | Reply

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