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2015 April 4

JanSport warranty not something to wait for

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As I reported in Testing JanSport warranty and JanSport warranty works, I got a replacement backpack from JanSport for a worn-out one that I sent in for warranty repair or replacement.  It took about a month, and the new pack was their closest current equivalent to the old one (not quite as well-designed for my needs, but ok).

In December, I found another worn-out JanSport pack in our hall closet—my wife, my son, and I all wear backpacks daily, sometimes with heavy loads of books or groceries, so we wear out packs fairly often.  So I sent it in for warranty repair also (the $5.32 shipping is less than the price of even a much lower-quality backpack). It took JanSport a month to email acknowledgment of receipt of the backpack, and another 10 weeks to send us a replacement pack (in black, rather than the original grey, but black is an acceptable color for us).

The replacement pack seems to be very similar in features and quality to the one it replaces, so my only complaint about JanSport’s warranty

JanSport engineers quality, durable, and reliable products. So, if your pack ever breaks down, simply return it to our warranty center. We’ll fix it or if we can’t we’ll replace it or refund it. We stand by our packs for a lifetime and since we’ve been making packs since 1967, that’s a guarantee you can stand by.  []

is how very slow they are at following through on the promise.  It should not take them 3.5 months to recognize that a pack is worn out beyond repair and send a replacement.

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