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2015 July 31

Seventh weight progress report

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In 2015 New Year’s resolution , I said that I want to lose 10–15 pounds by June 2015. In Weight-loss progress report, Second weight-loss progress reportThird weight-loss progress report , Fourth weight-loss progress reportFifth weight-loss progress report, and Sixth weight-loss progress report I provided monthly updates.

My weight was remarkably stable in July, and my average weight since May 1, when I switched from weight loss to weight maintenance is 158 lbs.  I think I’d prefer 157 lbs, but I’m happy with how stable the weight has been and am not going to change any habits to try for an adjustment that is less than the normal random fluctuation in weight.

My weight stayed within my target range for all of July.

My weight stayed within my target range for all of July.

Despite my predictions last month, I bicycled up to campus several times in July, though I only averaged 3.48 miles/day for the month, which is less than the 4.05 miles/day I’ve averaged over the last 400 days.


  1. Congrats again! I’m impressed that you have figured out how to survive the summer slowdown. I have a Garmin watch that serves as both a step counter and a GPS-based run logger, and it is astounding how many more steps I take when teaching than when I am at home. What I had settled on as a good maintenance level for what I ate every day was too much when I went from a regular load to one class and then to none. It will be interesting to see how I adjust the other way when the insanity starts again in a few weeks.

    By the way, other side effects proved to be a drop in LDL and fasting glucose, which also offer postive reinforcement after my last physical. So, thanks for the positive reinforcement you have given me over the past months!

    Comment by CCPhysicist — 2015 August 6 @ 17:16 | Reply

    • I’ve not been doing much to maintain exercise levels, which worries me a bit. Not for this summer, when I’ve still got some motivation to go into work weekly, plus special events like freshman orientation and PhD thesis defenses that I’m on the committee for, forcing me up the hill. But when I retire in 5 or 6 years, what will motivate me to get enough exercise for the next 20 years? My hobbies are mostly sedentary ones, and I have no intention of ever taking up sports. Using transportation as a way to get exercises has worked well for me, but only because I have places I need to be.

      I’ve been planning to check my lipid levels again, because my atorvastatin dose was reduced in March (I had the lowest LDL and total cholesterol levels I’ve seen since I started monitor them in 1989), and I need to check whether the lower dose is still adequate.

      Comment by gasstationwithoutpumps — 2015 August 6 @ 20:23 | Reply

  2. […] This post continues the series of weight progress reports from the previous one. […]

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