Gas station without pumps

2015 September 7

Book draft 2015 Sep 7

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I released an updated version of the Applied Electronics for Bioengineers text today.  This draft involved several changes:

  • Minor improvements to title page and copyright page.
  • Acknowledgements page added.
  • Various minor fixes in the Preface and Chapters 0–7, including more indexing.
  • Added figure and explanation of series and parallel connection to Chapter 0.
  • Added background info on capacitors and complex numbers to Chapter 0.
  • In Lab 1, fixed some PteroDAQ references to mention the Teensy boards.
  • Table of capacitor values added to Chapter 7.
  • Added an exercise to RC filters (Chapter 8)
  • Added an exercise to voltage dividers (Section 5.2)
  • Added PDF bookmarks for contents, list of figures, list of tables, bibliography, and index.
  • Cleaned up bibliography and added a few entries.
  • Protoboard design put online ( and properly pointed to.
  • Microphone preamp photo added to Lab 7.
  • In Chapter 18 (Pressure sensors), I collected new cuff-pressure data and added descriptions and pictures of the breath-pressure apparatus (plus breath-pressure data).  The new cuff-pressure data is more consistent with my normal blood pressure.
  • Chapter 19 (Instrumentation amps) lightly edited.
  • Lab 8 (pressure sensor lab) has had more scaffolding added to the sensitivity calculations.
  • Chapter 21 (Optoelectronics) extensively edited.
  • Added mention of isolation to Chapter 27 (EKG)

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