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2016 March 25

2015 Peace Corp Volunteers

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One hears a lot these days about how the current generation of students is much more service-oriented than previous generations, but I’m not sure that is true.

I was just looking at the 2015 listing of Peace Corps volunteers by college, which gives the 2015 numbers and, for a few colleges, the cumulative numbers since 1961.

College 1961–2015 average 2015
University of California, Berkeley 3,598 102.8  54
University of Wisconsin—Madison 3,145 89.9  69
University of Washington 2,888  82.5  72
University of Michigan 2,596  74.2  51
University of Colorado Boulder 2,411  68.9  62

All five colleges for which they gave historical figures (35-year totals) had substantially fewer volunteers in 2015 than the long-term average. It would be interesting to see plots of the total numbers of volunteers by year as well as volunteers per college by year, but I did not see a quick way to get that information from the Peace Corps website.  I wonder if Peace Corps volunteerism is counter-cyclical, like grad school education, with students choosing to volunteer when finding paying jobs is tough anyway.

I was pleased to see several California public universities in the listings:

College category rank 2015 volunteers
University of California, Berkeley large 7 54
University of California, Los Angeles large 13 42
University of California, Davis large 14 41
University of California, San Diego large 15 39
University of California, Santa Barbara large 15 39
Cal Poly large 24 30
Humboldt State medium 8 54

It is interesting to see more Peace Corps volunteers from the elite institutions (UC) than from the larger, but lower-status Cal State campuses.  (Note: Cal Poly is the most selective of the California State campuses and is functionally more like a UC.)


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