Gas station without pumps

2016 March 25

Accepted for Mini Maker Faire

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My application for the Santa Cruz Mini Maker Faire (mentioned in Santa Cruz Mini Maker Faire 2016Applying for Mini Maker FaireApplying for Mini Maker Faire round 2, and Applying for Mini Maker Faire round 3), was accepted this week.  I’ll have a 30″×72″ table to display on.

I’ve ordered a yard of 56″-wide “Performance Piqué” fabric, which is costing me $33, because I’m paying an extra $12 for faster processing (having dithered so long about the design).  That is, I’ve changed the design again, to something less busy:



The 150dpi image that I sent to Spoonflower was 7.7MB as a PNG file, which is not too large.  I’m curious to see how bad the gradient looks when printed on fabric.

I’ll have to spend some time once my son has gone back to college setting up the table in his room as the display table, to see how much stuff I can reasonably put in the display.  Here is what I’m currently thinking of:

  • A pulse monitor with a 2.8″ TFT display driven by a Teensy 3.1 board and using the op-amp protoboard with a transimpedance amplifier on it to amplify the phototransistor signal.  I got that working this week (not written up yet for the blog), but I’m still playing with other ways of mounting the LED and phototransistor, since the two ways I’ve tried so far are both subject to severe motion artifacts.  I need a way to immobilize the LED and phototransistor, but still move it quickly from person to person.
  • An analog oscilloscope with a pair of function generators, to show Lissajous figures (kids can adjust the frequency and amplitude of one of the function generators).
  • PteroDAQ running on my laptop and a Teensy LC board, with EKG and pressure-sensor input.  I’ll have to wear the EKG electrodes, but the blood pressure cuff can be set up separately.  I’m a little worried about being tethered to the EKG, and about the blood pressure cuff readings being a bit too hard to read in the raw PteroDAQ output—I normally have to bandpass filter to get the fluctuations and low-pass filter to get the corresponding pressure.  I may want to think about other things I could show with PteroDAQ.
  • Bitscope and microphone preamplifier?
  • Desk lamp using LED boards
  • Strobe using LED boards  (which reminds me—I wanted to put together a program which could switch between dimmer and strobe functions with a single shorting jumper).
  • Tool display? (soldering iron, board holder, multimeter, flush cutters, …)
  • Business cards for my book (designed, but not ordered yet)
  • Handout with book and blog information (not designed yet—probably will be quarter-page to keep printing costs down)

If anyone has other ideas for stuff I should do, I still have a little time to put something together, but classes start next week and I’ll be putting in full time on the Applied Electronics course, so it can’t be anything complicated (unless I already have it soldered up on a board).  I’ve also dedicated both my Teensy boards (for the pulse monitor and PteroDAQ), so I’d have to do things with either an Arduino or the FRDM KL25Z board.


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