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2016 August 5

Digilent Analog Discovery 2 USB Oscilloscope

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I have recently learned about a new USB oscilloscope, Digilent’s Analog Discovery 2, which seems to be a step up from the BitScope BS10 USB oscilloscope that I currently own. Digilent’s offering has differential inputs, 14-bit ADC (instead of 8), 100MS/s (instead of 40MS/s), and much nicer-looking user interfaces (no more black background!).  It costs a little more ($279 vs. $245, both costing more to get BNC connectors for higher-speed oscilloscope probes), but Digilent has an academic program that reduces the cost to only $179, so that even with an extra $20 for the BNC adapter and $20 for scope probes, the price is still lower than the BitScope.

I’m considering getting the Analog Discovery 2 scope (if I qualify for the academic discount), but I’ll probably wait until I replace my laptop.  The free Waveforms 2015 software runs on a wide range of Windows versions, but only 10.9 or newer on Mac OS.  (It also runs under some versions of Linux).  I’m still running Mac OS 10.6.8 on my laptop, and I don’t want to “upgrade” to a newer OS on the old hardware—I’m planning to replace the laptop this year, but I’m waiting to see whether Apple comes out with a usable MacBook Pro in 2016, or whether they’ve gone all in for connector-less laptops, in which case I’ll probably have to switch to a cheaper, but clunkier Linux laptop.

One of the things I like about Digilent’s marketing is that they have a very thorough reference manual online, which goes through the design of the hardware, explaining the schematics and some of the design choices for what chips they used. The online reference manual for Waveforms 2015 seems decent, but not as thorough as the hardware manual.

I’m curious whether any of my readers have tried the Digilent USB oscilloscopes.

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