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2016 October 1

Nineteenth weight progress report

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This post is yet another weight progress report, continuing the previous one, this being the 19th since I started in January 2015.

For the past year, the trend line has had a slope of 3.76 lbs/year.

For the past year, the trend line has had a slope of 3.76 lbs/year.



Exercise has been very low the past two month, with only 2.63 miles/day of bicycling. It is picking up again, as I’m cycling to campus 3 or 4 times a week to sit in on classes during my sabbatical. (I’m taking feedback control theory, something I’ve been meaning to learn on a formal basis for some time now.)

I skipped the report at the end of August, because I was embarrassed about the whole month being above my self-imposed target range, and I thought that September would bring me back in range.  Of course, the upshot was that September was even worse than August, so I now have two solid months above my target range. The really big spike in mid-September may not be a sudden change in weight—we moved the scale to weigh my son’s luggage before his return to college, and the scale always changes its readings after being moved. (I think that the larger  measurement is the more accurate one, though.)

I’d like to lose 5 pounds to get back to the middle of my target range, but I’m less hopeful that I’ll succeed at that than I was 2 months ago, as my trend lines keep getting steeper.

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