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2016 October 6

Using Google ngrams

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I’ve found to be a very handy tool while writing my book. It has helped me answer such questions as which is the preferred term, “bypass capacitor” or “decoupling capacitor”? “bandpass” or “band-pass”? “passband” or “pass band”?

I’m a little old-fashioned and will stick with “bypass capacitor”, but prefer “bandpass” and “passband”.

The tool is not always useful—I can follow the rise and decline of “mho”, but “siemens” has too many other uses to be able to determine when the standard name for the unit of conductivity overtook “mho”. It is rather a shame that “mho” did not become the standard, as it is “ohm” backwards and ℧ is such a cute symbol (being Ω upside down).  I am sticking with the standard in my book, though.

(Sigh, the iframes that had the interactive graphics worked fine in the editor, but when the post was published, WordPress stripped them out, leaving only the links.  You’ll have to click through to see the graphics—sorry about that.)


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