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2017 June 15

Venmo and Paypal don’t mix

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I read stuff on Paypal’s web pages that implied that having a Paypal account was enough to be able to accept Venmo payments (perhaps this page?). It turns out that is not true—I misunderstood their claims.

I allowed one of my students to pay for his t-shirt by Venmo, but when I tried to accept the payment (after he had left with the shirt), Venmo set up a new account for me, but insisted on having a phone number. It then wanted to verify the account by texting to that phone number, but I don’t have a phone with text message capability (I use a landline only, no cellphone). Unfortunately, there was no way to undo the partial acceptance of the transaction—I could not login to my Venmo account without the code that they text-messaged to my landline.

I contacted the Venmo support by email, and they were not very helpful. All they could offer was giving the money back to the student and cancelling my account. And they told me that there is no way to transfer money from my Venmo account to my Paypal account anyway.

Sorry, but the “easy-to-use” Venmo system turns out to be unusable by me, and I won’t touch it again. In future, I’ll accept cash, check, or Paypal for transactions, but never Venmo.

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