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2017 October 25


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In Shaving my head, I announced that I would be having my head shaved, but not my beard.

In Shaving my head (and maybe my beard), I offered to let my beard be shaved if the donations came up to $1000.

In Shaving my head, beard, and eyebrows, I announced that my head, beard, and eyebrows would be shaved, and that the next (and last) stretch goal would be shaving my chest hair.  That goal was not reached, so my chest hair is intact.

Here are some photos: before, during, and after the shaving:

This is what I looked like yesterday, before being shaved.

This is what I looked like after being shaved, wearing the silly medal they gave me for raising the most money at the UCSC event.

Just after I’ve been shaved. (photo by Kishwar Shafin)

Another shot of me being shaved (photo by Kishwar Shafin)

Being shaved. (Photo by Kishwar Shafin)

I was a little surprised by how much stubble they left me—it will save me a week on growing the beard back.  In the meantime, my wife has to put up with living with a stranger.

The pictures of me just after being shaved look to me more like my older brother than like me (he is naturally somewhat bald and stays clean-shaven).

I had to adjust the straps on my bicycle helmet before cycling home this evening—the helmet was a size or two too large without the hair and beard as padding.

On the walk home from dinner this evening, I noticed that I had the shadow of a stranger—I wonder who has my shadow.

With $2386 donated from 70 donors, the average donation was just over $30—it makes me feel a bit like Bernie, with lots of small donors!

Although the shaving event is over, you can still contribute to the campaign, either to express amusement at how I look, or (more importantly) to fund research into pediatric cancer, which does not get the research attention that adult cancers get from the government and major foundations.

The link for donating again:

With late donations, the total by 31 Oct 2017 was $2661 donated.  Thanks, everyone!


  1. That was bold! And for a great cause. The comment about looking like your brother broke me up.

    Now tell me, do your students still recognize you? Have you been mistaken for a vagrant around campus?

    Comment by CCPhysicist — 2017 October 31 @ 19:33 | Reply

  2. Students who were at the shaving, who follow my blog, who are in the Mechatronics course I’m taking, or who followed the fund-raising story in the email lists generally recognize me. But I think that a lot of the students who will be in my applied electronics class will still be startled by my appearance—I’ve been identified by my beard for as long as they’ve been alive.

    Comment by gasstationwithoutpumps — 2017 October 31 @ 21:16 | Reply

  3. You look pretty cool!

    Comment by xykademiqz — 2017 November 2 @ 21:37 | Reply

    • Both my wife and I think that I look better with a beard, so I’m growing it back as fast as I can. That fund raiser is probably the last time in my life that I will shave (other than shaving my cheeks, which I generally do even when I have a full beard).

      Comment by gasstationwithoutpumps — 2017 November 2 @ 22:33 | Reply

  4. […] those who’ve been reading my blog for the past five months know, in October I had my head shaved as part of a fundraiser for pediatric cancer research, including my beard and my eyebrows.  (I believe that it is still possible to donate […]

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