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2017 December 31

Twenty-sixth weight progress report

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This post is yet another weight progress report, continuing the previous one, part of a long series since I started in January 2015.

Although I managed to get my weight back within my target range around the end of October, I’ve not managed to keep it there.

Long term, random fluctuations are about ±3 pounds, but there is an upward drift of about 3 pounds a year that I need to resist.

My goal is to lose five pounds and keep them off—staying in the middle of my target range, but this may be harder to achieve than I had originally envisioned three years ago when I started on the weight-control effort.

November and December had me riding an average of only 3.29 miles a day—over the whole year about 3.6 miles a day. In a week, my exercise will go back up, as I’ll be cycling to campus five times a week, for winter and spring quarters.  That guarantees me 4.6 miles a day average, which will get me off to a good start.  But summer and next fall’s sabbatical will probably reduce the exercise hours again.

My family did get in a nice walk yesterday (about 5.6 miles with 580 feet of climb).We had mapped out 3 possible routes before we went for the walk, with different turnaround points depending on how tired we felt.  We ended up taking the middle of the three.

We started from home, walked to the end of Escalona, along the bike path to Harvey West Park, then took the Harvey West trail and Pogonip Creek trail to the Pogonip, up through the Pogonip to the Spring Trail, then back down the Spring Trail, Spring Street, and Laurent Street to home.  It’s been years since I’ve walked in the Pogonip, and I’ve never walked the Harvey West and Pogonip Creek trails before.  They were very quiet and shady—we saw a lot more walkers on the Spring Trail and on the trails near Golf Club Drive.

The shorter route would not have reached the meadows of the Pogonip, turning up Lookout Trail up to Spring Street (cutting off about 1.4 miles).  The longer route would have taken us up to the Spring Box/Koi Pond and then come down Coolidge Drive rather than Spring Trail, adding about 1.6 miles.  (Google maps has all the major trails in the Pogonip marked, if you want to see where we went.)

Somewhat surprisingly, my wife, who does the most walking of any of us on a daily basis, was the slowest of the group. My son and I walked at abut the same pace, with his youth compensating for his lack of routine exercise.



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