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2018 January 17

An evening out at MAH, Limelight Cafe, and Penny Ice Creamery

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My wife and I try to eat out at least once a week, and tonight was our night out.

Before dinner we went to the Museum of Art and History to see the exhibit of Tom Killion’s prints.

A low-resolution image of one of Tom Killion’s works, from the MAH website. This low resolution does not do justice to the fine detail of the woodblock print.

His website has better images of his work than this little one, but they are still nothing like seeing the details on the real prints. We’ve always admired his work (we have one of his books), but none of the prints listed as available on his website currently screams “buy me!”. MAH did a good job of hanging the exhibit, though they may need to work on the accuracy of their labels (claiming over 100 years for the date of one print, for example)

While we were in MAH, we noticed that Santa Cruz Core Fitness had massage tables and other stuff set out in the lobby—MAH seems to be making a concerted effort to connect with a wider swath of the community, and some of the partnerships they come up with seem a bit strained.

We had been thinking of eating at Abbott Square (the courtyard behind MAH) after seeing the exhibit, but the space seemed noisy and uncomfortable, despite having rather few customers. We’ve eaten there a couple of times and never found it very comfortable—the concrete walls make the space too “live” and conversation is often difficult. It might have been ok outside, but tonight felt a little too chilly to us, and their outdoor heaters are not as effective as others around town.

Instead we went to Cafe Limelight, a very quiet panini shop on Cedar Street which has very eclectic decor and which we find very comfortable. (The panini are good too.) When we eat there we often see one of my colleagues, so we made a little bet—if he was there we would go for ice cream at Penny Ice Creamery on the other side of Cedar after dinner. As you have probably guessed from the title, he was in his usual place at the counter—I think he may eat there every Wednesday.

Over dinner, we discussed MAH’s willingness to pair with almost anyone and started thinking of strange partnerships for MAH’s atrium. The best idea came from my wife, who suggested that MAH partner with a funeral home, which could tie in with MAH’s stewardship of the Evergreen Cemetery. The funeral home could display coffins, headstones, urns, and other funerary art. It could even be an interactive exhibit, inviting people to lie down in a coffin (maybe giving them a little bell to ring?).

At Penny Ice Creamery,we each had a mini-double. My wife had candy-cap mushroom ice cream and a buttermilk salted-toffee ganache, while I had pumpkin ice cream and Meyer-lemon with poppy seed. The candy-cap ice cream is about as good as other candy-cap ice cream we’ve had in town (from Mission Hill Creamery), which is to say it had a rather intense maple-like flavor. The Santa Cruz Fungus Fair was last weekend, so this is the time of year for candy-cap ice cream. (We didn’t go to the Fungus Fair this year—we figured that with the very dry December weather, the fungus would not be in peak condition this year.)  The pumpkin was good, though my wife claims it is not as good as their gingerbread (which they rarely make).  The Meyer lemon with poppyseed was also good with the pumpkin, though I probably would not order it by itself, as the flavor in not intense enough for it to stand on its own (at least not for me—some people may prefer the more delicate flavor).  I did not try the buttermilk salted-toffee ganache—my wife reported it as having a good base, but marred by the lack of crunch in the toffee.

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