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2018 January 21

Electric lawnmower failed again

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My Black and Decker electric lawnmower (model MM1800 type 1) failed again in December, and I finally got around to taking the top off today to look at it.  The screws were still a pain to get out, but not as bad as last time, as I now knew to use a vacuum cleaner and a screwdriver to clear out the grass before trying to unscrew the screws.  There was not nearly as much buildup of grass inside the mower this time, so a quick pass with the vacuum cleaner was enough to clear it.

The problem this time was not the bridge rectifier, which seemed to be behaving properly with about 0.55V drop on each of the diodes at the 1mA test current used by my multimeter.  The switch and power connections were all working correctly, so I think the problem now is that the brushes for the motor have worn down to the point where they no longer make contact with the commutator.

A new pair of brushes for the mower costs only $9 (, so I think I’ll replace the brushes and see if that fixes the mower.

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